• Sports Injury Solicitors

    Sports can play a big part in people’s lives, whether it’s a sociable game with friends, an effort to keep fit and healthy or even pursued as a career.

    Even though sport in itself carries risks, there are certain preventative measures that should be taken to reduce the chance of a personal injury. If an accident occurs that wasn’t your fault and somebody else is to blame then you may be entitled to sports injury compensation.

    At DPP, we have a team of personal injury solicitors who have a wealth of experience in dealing with sports injury claims, both amateur and professional.

    Our solicitors have a network of medical experts to assist in a speedy recovery and ensure you can resume life as normal.

    We can assist with the following sports injury claims:

    • Deliberate sports injury caused by an opponent
    • Accident due to negligence of your sports society or club
    • Inadequate training or supervision
    • Defective sporting equipment
    • Unsafe facilities
    • Sports accidents abroad

    Sometimes you may choose to conduct a particular sports activity abroad and will need to seek advice about how to make a compensation claim.

    DPP Law can help with making these often complex claims as our expert solicitors know how to navigate the legal process quickly and efficiently so that you receive maximum compensation for your injury.

    Examples of sports accidents abroad include:

    • Skiing Accidents
    • Horse Riding Accidents
    • Quad Biking Accidents
    • Cycling Accidents
    • Go Kart Racing Accidents
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