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    DPP Law understand that horse riding accidents can cause serious personal injury. The nature of the sport, whether you are an amateur rider of a seasoned professional, can mean there are numerous risks involved.

    We can handle your horse riding claim with the utmost of care and sensitivity, ensuring you not only receive the compensation you deserve but also, the best medical advice.

    With our extensive reach, we have access to a large number of support services that will aid you in the rehabilitation process, so you don’t have to worry about booking appointments and the hassle involved with it, we deal with all of that for you.

    Horse Riding Accidents

    There are a number of ways that a rider can be injured in a horse riding accident. They can by physically kicked or hurt by the horse, injured by falling from the horse itself or even by simply riding the horse incorrectly due to failure of training or supervision.

    The environment in which you ride, whether this is a training school or holiday camp, needs to be safe for both the horse and their rider.

    The right equipment must be provided at all times, including helmets, gloves and body protection. The riding gear must be suited to the rider, and even the horse needs to be of a suitable size.

    Horse riding injuries can range from small sprains and bruises to very serious injuries such as:

    • Broken bones
    • Spinal injuries
    • Head injuries
    • Brain injuries

    Horse Riding Accidents on the Road

    Some facts you may not know about:

    • There are more than 3 million horse riders in the UK
    • Each and every day, 8 road accidents involving horses occur
    • 16 horse riders are killed each year on average by road traffic accidents
    • The majority of horse riding accidents occur on minor roads

    Unfortunately horses can be spooked by cars passing too close or too fast on the road. Drivers who don’t abide to the highway code can often cause unnecessary horse riding accidents which can result in serious injury. The effect of such an accident can be devastating to a rider who may have suffered a personal injury but also may have to suffer the trauma caused by injury to or death of a beloved horse.

    If you or your horse has been injured whilst riding on the road, then you could make a claim through DPP Law’s specialist, personal injury solicitors. The compensation you deserve, could cover not only your medical bills, but also that of veterinary bills.

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    Your Horse Riding Injury Claims

    Regardless of your circumstances, or your location, we can take a look at your case and let you know if you have a valid claim for compensation.

    DPP personal injury solicitors take instruction on a no win no fee basis meaning you can concentrate solely on recovery rather the costs.

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