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    Under the Health and Safety Work Act 1974, alongside other work legislation, employers have a duty of care to their staff to ensure safety in the workplace. Where machinery is involved, routine inspections and maintenance is essential in reducing occupational hazards so that injuries of this type do not occur. Machinery accidents are caused by a variety of reasons, sometimes by the misuse of other staff members, but often this is rooted in employer negligence.

    Employer duties for safe use of machinery

    There are a number of health and safety regulations to protect workers from the risks of machinery. Different rules and regulations apply depending upon the type of work, place of work and the type of equipment but generally the main duties of an employer are to:

    • Provide the correct type of work machinery which is suitable and safe for the job
    • Properly maintain and safety inspect the machinery
    • Carry out regular risk assessments and identify any risks that the employee may be subjected to when using the machinery
    • Provide proper training and information to any employee using the machinery
    • Ensure that the machinery is fitted with suitable safety features, for example emergency stop controls, guards and warning signs.
    • Provide suitable protective equipment for employees using the machinery such as footwear or goggles

    What steps should I take if I’m injured in a machinery accident?

    • Report the accident to the HR department
    • File any accident report forms in the detail your injury in the accident book
    • Keep notes on your injury and a diary if possible about pain levels, sleeplessness or any activities you can no longer carry out
    • Keep a log of any financial losses due to the injury such as time off work or medical bills

    Claiming Compensation for your Machinery Injury

    Talk to a DPP accident at work solicitor who will ensure that all the details and files of your injury are correct and that you have all of the information you need to make a successful personal injury claim. We want you to receive the greatest possible amount of compensation for your injury because we know just how distressing a machinery accident can be.

    As personal injury solicitors, we specialise in serious and complex injury compensation claims which means you receive not only the very best advice but we also have a large network of experienced medical experts on hand to help you in your recovery process.

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