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    As we all know, building sites and construction sites can be extremely dangerous places to work and can often lead to many building site accidents, sometimes even be fatal.

    According to the Health and Safety Executive [HSE] those employed on building sites are six times more likely to suffer an accident at work than in any other working environment.

    This doesn’t mean that you have to suffer however without being compensated for injuries that simple weren’t your fault. If your workplace injury was due to the neglect of your employer, site manager or even another employee, like many of the unforeseen and unpreventable work accidents that occur each and every year, then you can make a claim for compensation today.

    Hazards in the workplace, whether a faulty lift or hoist, falling objects or collapsing structures, can cause significant damage to both your physical and financial well-being. Our specialist personal injury solicitors have a wealth of experience in handling accident at work cases; particularly those who wish to pursue a building site compensation claim.

    If you’ve been injured at work for one of the following:

    • Falls through weak roofs or floors
    • Falls from height for instance scaffolding, ladders or working platforms
    • Accidents involving machinery such as cranes, lift trucks, dumpers and diggers
    • Falling objects or debris
    • Collapsing structures leading to crushing injuries

    Your Employer’s Responsibilities

    It is the responsibility of your employer to ensure that all the necessary precautions are taken in securing the safety of workers on site so that work related accidents do not occur. This means the maintenance of equipment, vehicles, machinery and tools is paramount as well as providing adequate training for the use of them. Unsafe working practices are simply unacceptable, especially when your health and perhaps even your livelihood is at stake.

    Take action now and seek free legal advice from an expert at DPP Law, where a member of our accident at work team will help assess your building site compensation claim and guide you through the claim process.

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