Solicitors in Woolwich

We’ve been working in south London for years – you can find the David Phillips & Partners office here:

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Criminal Defence Solicitors in Woolwich

As leaders in criminal defence, our Woolwich solicitors have been trained especially to deal with fraud investigations – including corporate and business fraud. Serving the busy capital of the UK, DPP Law has helped those falsely accused as well as conspiracy to import and supply Class A drugs. To see how our Woolwich criminal defence lawyers can help you, contact us now on 020 3141 7870.

Accident Claims Lawyer in Woolwich

Our accident claims lawyers in Woolwich guarantee to do their utmost in seeking compensation whatever your circumstances. From road traffic to work accident claims, you can depend on DPP Law to see your case to the end with positive results. Call our Woolwich office today on 0800 027 7870 to see how we can help support your accident claim.

Benefit Fraud Lawyers in Woolwich

Allegations of benefit fraud threatening your name and livelihood? Resolve them successfully with our benefit fraud solicitors in Woolwich. With over 30 years’ experience to their name, our benefit fraud lawyers in Woolwich have provided the best possible framework to ensure every client has receives expert care and attention, in order to help clear their name.

Serious Fraud Solicitors in Woolwich

We defend against all types of serious cases throughout the entire UK, which is why we’re proud that the same ethos practiced by our serious fraud solicitors in Woolwich, has been adopted as the universal approach for law firms nationwide. We’ll update you on every aspect of your case to ensure you’re fully informed – empowering you to understand your legal journey from start to finish.

Driving Offence Solicitors in Woolwich

Have you been charged with a motoring offence? Get expert help from our driving offence solicitors in Woolwich, who are on hand to offer advice and resolution all road penalties. We can defend your privilege to drive – talk to one of our Woolwich driving offence lawyers over the phone today: 020 3141 7870.

Actions Against The Police Solicitors in Woolwich

Don’t be put off by actions against the police in Woolwich, if you’ve been mistreated by an officer – talk to David Phillips & Partners Solicitors and see where you stand with your case. The whole process may feel daunting but with the support of our knowledgeable and reputable lawyers, we’ll get you the compensation you deserve. Just complete the contact form along with details of your enquiry, and we’ll take it from there.

Prison Law, Woolwich

The past couple of decades has seen us help win the rights of several Woolwich inmates, and our Woolwich prison law team have continued to get them the best treatment whilst being detained. With many inmates worried about the future of both themselves and their family, we offer comprehensive advice to ensure they understand all the options available to them – helping with categorisation reviews, recall reviews as well as parole hearings. Take advantage of our Woolwich prison law service by calling us on 020 3141 7870.

Family Mediation, Woolwich

Family disputes can often lead to very upsetting and distressing cases, but DPP Law can offer a quality mediation service that ensures all parties involved can easily resolve the issues in an amicable and hassle-free way.

This is a cost-effective and quick method for resolving disputes. Call our family mediation team free now on 020 3141 78 75.