DPP Law Secures £170k Compensation for Accident at Work Case

David Phillips and Partners have successfully concluded a 55 year old Cheshire man’s  claim for compensation arising from an accident at work which occurred  on 8 November 2007.
He was employed as a Heavy Goods Vehicle Driver and Deliverer and was moving a freezer with a colleague when the freezer fell onto him causing injury to his left wrist and hand.
A suspected scaphoid fracture was actually diagnosed as bruising and a soft tissue injury, but was treated very much as a fracture would be with a brace and then a plaster of Paris cast applied and then re-applied before he was given a Futura splint.
By […]

Holiday Illness Compensation Claim Success

David Phillips & Partners have now settled a claim for an elderly couple who had the misfortune to be on the Boudicca Cruise Ship in April 2010 during an outbreak of the dreaded norovirus.

The Merseyside couple had been looking forward to a 3 week holiday cruising in the Eastern Mediterranean when they both fell ill with the norovirus. This is a debilitating illness which causes vomiting and diarrhoea.

Their whole holiday was ruined and the lady also had to have a short spell in hospital on her return due to a pre-existing health issue which was exacerbated by the illness […]

Where does Operation Yewtree stand now?

With the acquittal of DJ Dave Lee Travis and Coronation Street actor William Roach, there will be inevitable questions about the validity of these cases and the other Operation Yewtree investigations waiting for verdicts.
Mr Travis has already stated that that his reputation will never recover from the scandal and his solicitors have claimed he has been used as a scapegoat after failing to bring Jimmy Savile to justice during his lifetime.

Steve Vullo, Mr Travis’s barrister said “No one wants to see sexual predators get away with their crimes, everyone wants them brought to justice. But there is no justice […]

Benefit Fraud and Error Inquiry Launched

The government has announced that it will be launching an inquiry into the benefits system following figures showing £3.5bn of overpayments in 2012-13.
The Commons Select Committee will be tasked with investigating what causes benefit error and why the benefits system is so susceptible to fraud. It will also investigate the adequacy of the government’s fraud and error strategy.

It has been estimated that £1.6bn of benefits in 2012-13 was claimed in error by the claimant. A further £1.2bn has been identified by the Department of Work and Pensions as fraud and the remaining £0.8bn down to official error.

So far the […]

Serious Fraud Office Branded “Chaotic”

In only the second time a director of the SFO has been called for evidence in a criminal proceeding, Southwark Crown Court was told how the Serious Fraud Office is chaotically ran with key documents missing or not kept.

Richard Alderman was giving evidence in a hearing that is determining whether the SFO has broken its own rules.

He admitted that a key document relating to the investigation of a collapsed hedge fund “could not be found”. In response Peter Lodder QC told the court “There’s an element of almost chaos in the way this office is being run, with a […]

Child Welfare Before Presumption of Equal Access

An amendment to the Children and Families Bill has been welcomed by children’s charities.
The fear had been that child welfare was not at the heart of legislation concerning parental separation.

The Shared Parenting Consortium, led by Coram Children’s Legal Centre (CCLC) was concerned that the adoption of clause 11, which states that courts should ‘presume, unless the contrary is shown, that involvement of that parent in the life of the child concerned will further the child’s welfare’ could lead to separating parents assuming they are legally bound to equally share access to their children.

Following a campaign last year, an amendment […]

Taking Whiplash Seriously

Whiplash is an injury that needs to be taken seriously.
According to NHS reports it can take an average of 32 days to recover after whiplash.

20% of sufferers can still experience symptoms up to a year later and many of these will suffer psychological problems such as depression and anxiety as a direct result of their whiplash injuries.

Injuries are caused by the sudden jerking motion of the head being thrown forward, backwards and sideways during impact, usually in a road traffic accident. It is always advised that no matter how small the impact, you should always seek medical advice as […]

Recruitment Opportunity: Children Panel Members

David Phillips and Partners are seeking to recruit Children Panel Members(or those who are close to Panel status) to join our busy family law team in Bootle, Merseyside. We also have vacancies in our East/Central Lancashire Branch and in our South East network of offices.

Please email: SueChristopher@dpp-law.com to include the following information…

1) Date of appointment, or expected date of appointment to Children Panel

2) Preferred Office location, Bootle, Lancashire or South East

3) Salary expectation and period of notice.

Closing date for applications 11th February 2014.

DPP Actions Against The Police Expert Settles 5 figure Compensation for Client

Iain Gould, Actions Against The Police expert and partner at DPP Law today successfully settled substantial compensation for his client following an assault by a security guard at Central Station in Liverpool on 10 January 2012.
Mark Holt, 53, of Waterloo, had his front tooth knocked out after being placed in a headlock and wrestled to the floor at the train Station, before being arrested in front of his stunned wife.

British Transport Police came and handcuffed Mr. Holt while the first security guard gave an untrue account of the incident.

Image of the incident, seen below.

The security guard claimed that Mark:

was drunk and […]

Amanda Knox States That She Would Become A Fugitive If Handed Extradition Charge.

For the first time American Amanda Knox has stated that she is prepared to become a fugitive if the Italian Court overturned her 2011 acquittal for the murder of British undergraduate Meredith Kercher in Perugia in 2007.
Speaking from her hometown of Seattle, Knox replied, “In that case I will be…how does one say…a fugitive” when asked what she would do if the court did overturn her acquittal.

The Italian Supreme Court had criticised the appeals court decision to release Knox and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito in 2011. A new hearing began in September last year to re-examine the case, especially […]