Further Leave to Remain Application MEET THE TEAM

  • What is Further Leave to Remain (FLR)?

    Further Leave to Remain is a term that is used to describe that you have further permission to remain in the UK. Once you have obtained entry clearance in the UK (please see our Entry Clearance section) there is a time limit clearly stated on your visa, which shows when this permission will expire. You are allowed to make another application whilst in the UK to extend this visa, up to 28 days before your current visa expires and you can only apply to extend the visa in the category you were first given entry clearance in. There are some circumstances whereby you can switch your visa into another category however we always advise that you seek legal advice before switching, as the law may not allow this.
  • What applications do you specialise in?

    We advise and have made FLR applications in many categories such as:
    • FLR(M) - Marriage
    • FLR(FP) - Parent or Partner Route
    • FLR (O) - Outside Immigration Rules
    • FLR (AF) - Armed Forces
    • Set (DV) - Domestic Violence
  • What Happens If I do not make an FLR application and my visa expires?

    If you do not make an application to extend your stay in the UK before your current visa expires, you become an overstayer. The law allows you to remain over your visa expiry date for a period of 28 days (grace period) before you are deemed an overstayer therefore you should always make your FLR application in time. If you become an overstayer you are breaking the law and this can result in criminal proceedings. This can also lead to Immigration Officers visiting your home address and enforcing you to stay in an Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) where arrangements will be made by Immigration Officials to remove you from the UK back to your home country. You can always make a FLR application from a detention centre but this process is lengthy, expensive and very difficult as you are detained and have limited resources available to you to make a strong application.
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