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  • What is Entry Clearance?

    Entry clearance applies to those people who live outside the UK and need a visa (permission) prior to their visit to the UK. If somebody does not have a valid visa to enter the UK they will be refused entry by an Immigration Officer upon their arrival into the UK. Generally, most people travelling on passports issued by Western countries do not need to obtain a visa before entering the UK as a visitor. It is always advisable to check whether you need a visa to come to the UK in your home country and then making the appropriate application at the nearest Visa Application Centre before travelling to the UK. If you have a family member or friend in the UK who is willing to assist, i.e. sponsor your application, then DPP can help you apply for a visa in the UK through speaking with you and your sponsor.
  • What types of Entry Clearance Applications do you do?

    We assist with many Entry Clearance applications such as:
    • Spousal, civil, unmarried partners, same sex partners, fiancé applications;
    • Tier 1,2,4 and 5 applications;
    • Visitor Visas including family, child, entertainer and tourists applications;
    • EEA Family permit applications;
    • Domestic Worker Applications;
    • UK Ancestry Applications;
    • Family Reunion Applications (Asylum/Refugee).
    Each application is very specific and has strict criteria to meet, therefore we always advise you to make sure you are legally represented when making these applications. Once you have been granted entry clearance in one of the categories above you will receive a visa which states the length of time you have been allowed to stay in the UK before you have to make another application to obtain permission to carry on living in the UK - this is known as making a Further Leave to Remain application. Please see the Further Leave to Remain section for more details. If in the unfortunate circumstance your visa application is refused, we provide full representation at the appeal stage. Our representation includes preparing a full bundle of documents to be presented to the court and advocacy along with full day representation at court. For more information, call one of our team on 0800 027 78 70 today.
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