Asylum applies to people who are in the UK and are in fear of returning to their country of origin for reasons based on race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion. Granting ‘asylum’ means giving someone permission to remain in another country due to the risk of persecution in their home country. Those who have received a positive decision can then seek refuge and are called refugees.

The right to claim asylum is in international law and this is part of UK legislation so anyone can make a claim. Those seeking protection are entitled to stay in the UK while awaiting the final decision.

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Asylum Applications

We provide the legal representation and expertise needed for asylum and immigration law, analysing each individual situation to get the best outcome for your case or appeal. FIND OUT MORE

Entry Clearance Application

If you live outside the UK and need a visa, you may need to complete an entry clearance application. Our dedicated team of immigration solicitors can help you every step of the way. FIND OUT MORE

Further Leave to Remain Application

If you wish to apply for further leave to remain status, we advise you seek professional legal advice on your next steps. Our expert immigration lawyers can assist you with all aspects of your application. FIND OUT MORE

Human Rights Application

Our team of experts specialise in all aspects of asylum and human rights, meaning that we can help you complete your human rights application. FIND OUT MORE

EEA applications

If you live outside of the European Economic Area, but have family within the UK, you can complete an EEA Family Permit Application. Our expert team are on hand to assist you. FIND OUT MORE

Points based system application

If you’re looking to come to the UK to work, study, invest or train, we can help you with your application. Our team of immigration lawyers are on hand to help, every step of the way. FIND OUT MORE

What are the 4 tiers?

The 4 tier system is the main route to immigrate to the UK from outside of the European Economic Area. FIND OUT MORE

British Citizenship

Find out what makes you eligible to register for to become a British citizen here. Our team of experts can help you to understand the requirements and apply. FIND OUT MORE

Detention centre representation

You can be detained if you’ve overstayed the limit on your VISA, or if you’ve entered the UK illegally. Our dedicated team will help with all the necessary applications, and will represent you, if you’ve been detained. FIND OUT MORE
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