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    How can DPP Law help?

    Here at DPP Law, our expert family law solicitors have decades of experience in handling family mediation sessions. We understand that, in the case of a separation, you want the whole experience to run as smoothly as possible, and to protect your children and assets from any emotional and financial harm.

    We have the knowledge and sensitivity to ensure that your issues are handled professionally and efficiently, so that everyone can leave the mediation session feeling positive about the outcome.

    What is family mediation?

    There are a wide variety of reasons why families choose mediation. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Financial issues: what to do with your house, savings, pensions and debts.
    • Child maintenance payments: the resolution of disputes regarding these.
    • Child custody arrangements: where your children will reside now that you have split up.
    • Child visiting / contact arrangements.

    Sometimes, as children grow up, the previous arrangements made at the time of the break-up are no longer suitable. Family mediation is a good way to handle these issues and move forward, and ensure that everyone involved in the arrangement feels happy with the outcome.

    What can I expect from family mediation?

    You and your ex, or any other parties involved, will sit in a room with a professionally trained mediator to discuss and work out your differences in a positive environment. Family mediation can be a much more constructive and efficient way of moving forward with domestic issues than going to court.

    Remember: no-one can make you do anything against your wishes. The mediator will help you and your former partner to find a solution that works for both of you, and will listen to both sides of the argument.

    The majority of people who choose the family mediation route reach a solution without the need to go before a judge. If you do choose to go straight to court, it’s worth keeping in mind that there’s every chance the judge will refuse to hear your case prior to a family mediation session taking place.

    The benefits of family mediation

    There are a wide range of proven benefits of family mediation, including:

    • The process is less stressful, and will cause less conflict between the family.
    • It can be much less damaging and upsetting for any children involved.
    • The agreements made on the day can be changed if there’s a change of circumstance in the future.
    • You will likely have more say regarding what happens, as you will not be relying on the opinion of a judge.

    For some friendly, professional advice about family mediation, contact a member of our expert team today.

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