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  • Our services

    Here at DPP Law our experienced staff are always on hand to help you with every aspect of family law. Our services cover all legal advice and representation for everything from divorce to child care proceedings, surrogacy to domestic abuse to ensure you get a fair and reasonable outcome.
  • Why choose DPP Law?

    We are a specialist law firm that covers all areas across the United Kingdom with our network of 16 branches. Our job is to represent you and we go further to ensure that you get the best possible result. From jargon free, easy to understand advice to direct mobile access to one of our solicitors, you are our priority and we work promptly to progress your case. Our lawyers have the experience to be sensitive and supportive in all scenarios as well as the expertise to achieve success. DPP Law are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week regardless of the situation. From Faceback to mobile, face-to-face to text you aren’t restricted to the normal Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 office work hours.
  • Think you can’t afford legal advice? Think again

    In family law, legal aid is available for: • All cases involving social services, • Victims of domestic abuse, and • Cases where you seek to protect a child If legal aid isn’t available for your case then we are flexible in finding the right financial option for you. We have different service levels to fit with your budget and they come with affordable fixed rates as well as interest free payment by instalments.
  • What are the benefits of legal advice and having a solicitor?

    You know the personal matters surround your specific family law case but this has to be coupled with solid legal advice. The law is complex and, especially in these cases, it needs to be looked at thoroughly and sensitively to ensure that the correct procedure is followed for all parties involved. Knowing the merits of your case from the beginning is imperative in getting the best possible outcome at the end. The only way this can happen is through using an expert legal team that is working for you. Also, when the case goes to the Court you will benefit from having an experienced advocate on hand to put your case forward in the best way.
  • Any questions?

    If you would like an initial consultation or have some questions regarding a case and how we can help then please do get in touch. One of our friendly team is ready to help you for any query. Call us on 0800 027 78 70 or shoot an email across now.
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