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  • Dangerous / Careless Driving

    What is dangerous driving?

    Dangerous driving, originally called reckless driving, is one of the most serious non fatal driving offences a person can face. In the eyes of the law, a dangerous driving offence occurs when one or more of the following happens:

    • The way he/she drives falls far below what is to expected of a careful and competent driver
    • The vehicle that he/she drives is obviously dangerous, and the driver is fully aware of this

    What is careless driving?

    Careless driving, also known as inconsiderate driving or driving without due care or attention, is a serious driving offence that occurs when:

    • The way he/she drives in a way that falls below what would be expected of a careful and competent driver
    • Driving without reasonable consideration for other persons, which requires them to be inconvenienced by your driving

    Types of dangerous / careless driving

    Examples of dangerous and careless driving include lane hogging, tailgating, eating while driving, drinking while driving, overtaking dangerously, undertaking, ignoring road signs and driving through a red light. However, this list is by no means exhaustive.

    Can I go to prison for dangerous or careless driving?

    Yes, if you have been accused of dangerous or careless driving, you could be facing a prison sentence. However, this depends on the seriousness of the offence, and whether or not you are a repeat offender.

    I’ve been accused of dangerous / careless driving, what should I do?

    Dangerous / careless driving is taken very seriously by the courts. If you’ve been accused of either one of the offences, we strongly advise that you seek professional legal advice and counsel.

    At DPP Law, our expert team of motoring offence solicitors are on hand to fight your corner, and get you the very best result. For more information on how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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