Driving Offences

We’re here to help anyone dealing with a driving penalty, offering advice and professional representation to all. DPP Law has been working with people to get over their driving offences since 1982, so our solicitors understand the psychological, practical and legal impact of bearing any driving offence which is exactly why you should contact DPP Law today. 

This area covers both non-serious and serious driving offences, which is classified as “any offence that cannot simply be punished by a fixed penalty”, such as when an offender receives a speeding fine. Therefore, the term covers a range of offences including driving while disqualified, drink driving and causing death by careless or dangerous driving.

Here at DPP, our experienced motoring offence solicitors are experts in handling all types of driving offence cases.

Our Service Areas

Speeding Offences

If you have been caught speeding, read our guide on how DPP Law can help you with your case and give you sound legal advice. FIND OUT MORE

Drink Driving Offences

Drink Driving is a serious driving offence and carries more serious penalties than other driving offences. DPP Law can help your defence and the outcome of your case. FIND OUT MORE

Drug Driving Offences

We provide the legal representation and advice you need in a drug driving case. We will help you build the best possible defence analysing your situation and any extenuating circumstances. FIND OUT MORE

Dangerous / Careless Driving

Our specialist driving offence solicitors understand the gravity of being caught drink driving, and provide a damage limitation service to ensure your penalty is awarded fairly and takes into account all mitigating circumstances. FIND OUT MORE

Road Accident Offences

Our lawyers at DPP are on hand to help you from initial enquiries right through to any possible court appearances and appeals and will examine and challenge the evidence where necessary. FIND OUT MORE

Driving Whilst Disqualified

While driving whilst being disqualified leads to instant arrest, we set out a thorough investigation and examine the circumstances and evidence to provide the best defence for your case. FIND OUT MORE

Totting Up Offences

If you are facing possible disqualification from driving after reaching twelve points of your driving license, we will advise and prepare an exceptional hardship case to the courts to prevent any driving ban. FIND OUT MORE

Mobile Phone Offences

While using a handheld device whilst driving could result in a driving without due care or dangerous driving charge, we can put together a case that will provide the best possible outcome for your situation. FIND OUT MORE

Driving Offences FAQs

If you want to know the answer to a specific question you have regarding driving offences, look up our Frequently Asked Questions section for informatio FIND OUT MORE
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