Driving Offences

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We’re here to help anyone dealing with a driving penalty, offering advice and professional representation to all.

David Phillips & Partners has been working with people to get over their driving offences since 1982, so our solicitors understand the psychological, practical and legal impact of bearing any driving offence – which is exactly why our motoring offence clinic has been set up.

Driving Offence Solicitor Clinic

Every Friday afternoon (between 2pm and 4pm) our doors are open to anybody who wants to go through their options following a driving conviction. The sessions are held exclusively at our Water Street Office in Liverpool:

First Floor
Oriel Chambers
14 Water Street
L2 8TD

You will receive a 15 minute consultation with an expert driving offence lawyer. It’s your time to clear up any of concerns from this point on regarding the penalty and its potential long-term implications.

Note: Due to the take-up on the clinic, it is advised you book an appointment in advance.

Your Driving Offences Solicitor

We’ve been running this service for years now and the reason we believe it works so well, is that our driving offence solicitors build relationships with people like you – genuine people who want a clean slate.

So, if you want to start building your relationship with a driving offence solicitor, you can call for a consultation over the phone using this free legal advice number: 0800 027 7870.

If you’d prefer to book in a one-to-one appointment in person, use the simple form on this page to get things moving.

For more information on driving offences please review our driving offences FAQ page here.

The Law on Driving Offences

If the police have caught you committing a traffic offence, you could be issued with one of two penalty notices – Fixed Penalty or Vehicle Defect Rectification.

Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN)

Any ‘minor’ driving offences can be met with a one-off monetary penalty. Things such as failing to fasten your seatbelt could result in what is known as a ‘non-endorsable fine’ of about £30 or £40 and may not stick any points to your license. Endorsable fines are more substantial and can leave you with some points on your license.

It is important to remember that the police do not have the authority to force you to pay fines upfront. If a member of law enforcement ever requests you to pay there and then, you have every right to refuse to pay the fine. It’s then advised you immediately get in touch with a driving offence lawyer like one of our specialists.

The case will then go to court where we can make sure your penalty is waived based on an improper FPN procedure by the police force.

Also, if you feel like the police have made a mistake in pulling you over, you can also refuse to pay the fine and we can help you put together a case that supports you’re belief that the law was in the wrong. Alternatively, you can choose to pay the fine and have it reimbursed if the police are proved to have made a mistake when issuing the penalty.

It is important to act quick when it comes to driving offences because you only have 28 days to either pay up or officially contest the penalty – failure to do so will increase the fine by half.

This is why every driving offence lawyer at David Phillips & Partners is on standby every day to help motorists like you get things sorted.[/two_third]

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