Firearm Offences MEET THE TEAM

  • How can DPP Law help?

    Having the best and most appropriate solicitors to advise you on your current circumstances and the best course of action to take in the future is essential if you want to ensure that your case will have the most the most favourable outcome possible. The laws around firearms are complicated and more licenses are being refused or revoked every year. Our solicitors have the experience and track record of defending clients like farmers, gun clubs, professional shooters, weapon dealers and collectors as well as those facing firearms charges, which will allow us to provide you with the excellent advice and support you need. Therefore, please get in contact if you have been arrested on suspicion of or charged with a firearm offence.
  • What are the penalties?

    The severity of the penalty will depend on the sort of weapon involved, the extent that the firearm was used, the intention the defendant had while using or possessing the firearm and the defendant’s past record in regard to previous firearm offences and previous crimes of violence. It is very important to ensure that you have proper legal representation from the outset of your case as certain offences, like a crime committed with a firearm, can carry statutory prison sentences of five years.
  • Firearm Offences

    This covers a wide breadth of acts which we have experience dealing with including:
    • The illegal possession of firearms
    • The criminal use of firearms
    • The illegal conversion of weapons
    • The possession and use of air guns
    • The possession and use of imitation firearms
    • The possession and use of antique firearms
    • The illegal importation of firearms
    • Firearms held by minors
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