• Drug Smuggling

    Drug trafficking charges include:

    • Conspiracy to import or supply drugs
    • Importing of supplying drugs

    DPP Law have extensive knowledge of The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 which details what activities are illegal in regards to any controlled substance.

    It defines and categorises drug substances into Class A.B and C and subsequently the penalties for use, supply and importation of them.

    It also gives powers to enforcement officers to stop, search and detain individuals if there is reasonable suspicion that they are in possession of drugs.

    How can DPP Law Drug Trafficking Solicitors Help You?

    Our expert drug trafficking solicitors can advise on the validity of warrants and searches on your person, vehicle or home.

    You are entitled to legal advice before and during police questioning which is why it is important you speak to us as soon as possible.

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    DPP believe that everybody is entitled to the best criminal law representation available.

    If you believe that you have been wrongfully arrested, falsely accused or that your current legal representation is failing you then please contact our criminal defence solicitors now.

    Contact us if you’ve been accused of drug smuggling and need to speak to a criminal defence solicitor.
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