• Drug Production

    Drug Defence Solicitor

    The offence of production of controlled drugs covers both the cultivation, production and illegal drug manufacturing. You can be charged with the offence if you were directly or indirectly involved in the production process.

    Indirect involvement can include:

    • Letting out premises for someone to produce drugs in (you are aware that this is what they are doing)
    • Employing “workers” to produce or grow the drugs (often illegal immigrants are used as workers)

    As there can be this separation between those physically producing the drugs, and those ordering a person to do, so the law does make distinctions between the two.

    If a “worker” is convicted of drug production they will generally face a lighter sentence. A person of authority or in charge of the operation will be awarded a far harsher punishment by the courts.

    If you have been accused of drug possession or are facing prosecution for drug offences we have a whole team of criminal defence solicitors who are experts in defending drug related crimes. We can advise and represent you at interview stage through to Crown Court representation.

    Due to the severe penalties imposed on drug production cases are often long and complex. They can be linked to other crimes such as gang related crime, intimidation and blackmail.

    As a national firm with over 30 years experience in criminal defence, we can guarantee you the very best result possible. We can also assist you in your application for Legal Aid if you need financial help.

    DPP Law can help if you have been charged with the process of drug production.

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