• Drug Importation

    Drug Importation Defence

    If you are charged for drug importation or drug smuggling then you face one of the most serious charges relating to drug offences. In the UK you can be imprisoned for life, but if you are charged in a foreign country then you could be facing the death penalty.

    You can also be charged with conspiracy to supply drugs. This charge carries the same heavy weighting even though there were no drugs supplied or moved.

    At DPP we understand how serious the charge of drug smuggling is. Most cases are extremely complex as they can involve several different countries, hundreds of people, complicated paper trails and other criminal activity. Such complicated cases can take many months or even years to unravel, leading to highly complex evidence for both the defence and prosecution.

    International Solicitors

    DPP have a wide network of legal experts and translators across borders that we can call upon to ensure your case is properly presented. Also if you are charged abroad we can assist you in getting expert legal representation wherever you are situated.

    That means our clients can expect the very best defence regardless of which countries are involved in the case, or where they themselves are being prosecuted.

    We can guarantee our clients the very possible results for their case. We have a proven record of acquittals, reducing sentences and shorter prison sentences.

    If you, a family member or a friend are facing a drug importation charge then please contact us immediately. We can offer you free, impartial legal advice.

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