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  • Drug Dealing Charges

    If you, a friend or family member are facing a charge of possession of drugs with intent to supply then you must contact an expert criminal defence solicitor as soon as possible.

    The case can only be tried at Crown Court with a prison sentence almost guaranteed if found guilty. The charge can cover everything from dealing a small quantity of marijuana to large scale, organised distribution of cocaine or heroin.

    The maximum sentence that possession with intent to supply carries is for the supply of Class A drugs. This can carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

    Specialist Criminal Defence Solicitors

    At DPP our defence solicitors know how scary and daunting this charge can be for our clients. That is why we make sure that they completely understand the legal process they will be facing and how DPP are going to mount their defence.

    Our solicitors have a wealth of experience working on drug dealing cases and have successfully defended many clients. We can ensure that we will be able to get you the very best result possible, whether that is an acquittal, shorter prison sentence or reduction of the charge to possession of drugs.

    Contact us if you’re dealing with a drug dealing charge and if you’re in need of immediate representation.

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