Drugs Offences

Drugs are grouped together into different classes. The classes are made up of groups of drugs, which the Government deem to be more or less serious. Class A drugs such as heroin and cocaine form the most serious group, Class B drugs such as cannabis and amphetamines form the middle group and Class C drugs such as steroids and ketamine are deemed to be the least serious.

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Class A Drugs

If you’ve been accused of possession, production or supply of class A drugs, it’s vital to obtain legal advice. Our experienced drug solicitors can help. FIND OUT MORE

Class B Drugs

If you’ve been accused of a class B drug offence, we can help. Our dedicated team of drugs solicitors are on hand to handle your case. Contact us today. FIND OUT MORE

Class C Drugs

If you’ve been accused of a class C drug offence, we’re on hand to fight your corner. Contact one of our experienced drug solicitors for advice and counsel today. FIND OUT MORE

Drug Production

A charge of drug production is extremely serious and carries a severe sentence. For expert legal advice contact DPP Law solicitors immediately. FIND OUT MORE

Drug Smuggling

Drug Trafficking is a serious offence that is governed by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. Our extensive knowledge of the crime allows to us to provide the best defence. FIND OUT MORE

Drug Dealing Charges

Drug dealing charges can carry heavy sentences so contact DPP for free advice and information about your case. Our criminal defence solicitors can help you. FIND OUT MORE

Drug Importation

The importation of drugs or "drug smuggling" is treated extremely seriously by the courts. DPP can ensure expert legal representation for all drug offences. FIND OUT MORE
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