Speeding Offences

Getting punished for speeding can be extremely frustrating, especially if you feel the penalty is unfair.

How much is a speeding fine?

Disobeying speeding laws in the UK can issue a speeding ticket of up to £1,000, depending on whether it’s a SP30 fine, an SP50 fine or a different speeding conviction code.

How many points for speeding?

Like the fine, depending on the speeding conviction code it can be between 3-6 speeding points on the driver’s licence or a driving ban if you already have points ‘totting up’.

A driving ban can have devastating effects on your life; it can prevent you getting to work, put extra pressure on family life, and give you sky-high insurance premiums when you are allowed back on the road. DPP’s speeding solicitors specialise in defending motorists against speeding fines and allegations and can help contest an allegation if you plead not guilty or limit the damage of a penalty if you plead guilty.

With so many speed cameras on our roads, speeding offences are an everyday occurrence and our speeding lawyers are here to help motorists in any case where they may require legal defence as a result of a speeding offence, including if:

  • You were caught driving at 31 mph in a 30 mph zone
  • There were no speed limit signs in place
  • You have already been “totting up” points and need damage limitation
  • You know you were not speeding
  • You feel the speed camera was used incorrectly.

At DPP Law, our aim is to listen to what you have to say and treat you fairly in order to minimise the effect of the speeding offence on your licence and your life. Contact us today if you’ve been caught speeding.