Drink Driving

Drink driving is a costly offence and carries a heavier penalty over other driving offences. Drive or attempt to drive when you breath, urine or blood alcohol level is above the prescribed limit, and you risk getting a minimum 12 month drink driving ban, a fine and a criminal record with the DUI charges on your licence for 11 years. In extreme cases, being over the drink driving limit can result in a prison sentence or the loss of a job if driving is part of your work.

As a practice, DPP Law’s drink driving lawyers have over 30 year’s of experience of dealing with drink driving charges. DPP’s specialist driving offence solicitors understand the gravity of being caught drink driving and provide a damage limitation service to ensure your penalty is awarded fairly and takes into account all mitigating circumstances.

If you have been accused of being over the legal drink drive limit, we ensure that you seek legal advice from drink driving solicitors straight away to ensure that all procedures for measuring the level of alcohol in your blood, breath and urine have been followed correctly and all mitigating circumstances have been taken into account.

Even if you plead guilty to being over the legal limit to drive, there may be a valid defence that DPP’s drink driving solicitors can use to minimise your penalty. This could include:

  • Mitigating circumstances
  • The incorrect use of breathalysing equipment
  • Procedural errors
  • Post driving alcohol consumption