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  • Housing Benefit Fraud

    If you’ve been accused of housing benefit fraud, it’s important to remain calm and consider your next steps carefully.

    What is housing benefit fraud?

    Housing benefit fraud is the act of claiming housing benefit or council tax support when you don’t really need to. Examples of housing benefit fraud include:
    • Not declaring all of your income, including sums of money earned from employment or a private pension.
    • Not declaring all of your savings.
    • Not declaring all of the properties or land that you own.
    • Not declaring everyone that lives in your property.
    • Not declaring a change in circumstances
    • Not declaring a change of address.
    • Pretending to be a tenant when you’re actually a homeowner.
    • Claiming that your rent is higher than it actually is.
    There is a wide range of ways that you could be committing housing benefit fraud, and this list is not exhaustive. If you are claiming more housing benefit than you should be, you are committing housing benefit fraud.

    What should you do if you’ve been accused of housing benefit fraud?

    If you’ve been accused of housing benefit fraud, it’s essential that you seek legal advice, even if the accusations are false. Here at DPP Law, we offer professional legal advice from our dedicated team of housing benefit fraud solicitors. Contact us for a confidential chat about how we can help you.
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