False Imprisonment or Wrongful Arrest

False imprisonment or wrongful arrest, for whatever length of time, can be highly distressing for both the victim and their family. A person’s freedom is carefully protected by the law and the police and other authorities must obey strict rules when taking it away.

If you are ever wrongly accused or falsely imprisoned, DPP highly advises that you seek expert legal advice and assistance immediately. The ability to challenge the lawfulness of a decision is an important safeguard of an individual’s freedom but strict time limits apply to making a claim. Victims of false imprisonment must make a claim within 6 years of the event but DPP recommends making the claim as soon as possible because full details must be taken from those involved, and police statements and other evidence must be preserved.

False imprisonment claims vary depending on the circumstances of each case and are not just made against the police who fail to apply the law properly. Any authority that detain individuals, such as security guards, can be liable for false imprisonment.

DPP’s expert solicitors have 27 years of experience of pursuing cases of false imprisonment and claims can result in compensation from the guilty party. DPP can pursue claims on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis or with legal aid depending on the circumstances.