• Protest

    A lot of the time, peaceful protests are just that - peaceful. However, sometimes peaceful protesters are subject to horrific brutality and abuse from the police. This can cause severe emotional and, in some cases, physical damage that can take months or years to repair.

    In 2010, student protests in London were brought to a devastating stop by kettling techniques used by the local police. Kettling is used by the police to contain protesters in one area. In this instance, the protesters were held in the same area for up to nine hours, and some people suffered crushing injuries. Witnesses even said some people were close to being pushed into the freezing River Thames, which would have almost certainly resulted in death.

     Unfortunately, techniques like kettling are becoming more and more common when it comes to the police handling protests. If you’ve been a victim of police assault during a protest, don’t suffer in silence.

    Here at DPP Law, we specialise in these types of cases, work effortlessly to bring the police to justice and provide an element of peace to their victims.

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