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  • Misfeasance in Public Office

    What is Misfeasance in Public Office?

    Misfeasance in public office occurs when a police officer, or public official, intentionally abuses their powers and position of trust. This could result in the injury of another person, damage to property or other more serious consequences. It’s important that police officers in a position of power are held accountable for their actions - they are not untouchable. If you or someone you know has been a victim of misfeasance in office, don’t be afraid to report it and take legal action. This is the only way that you’ll get the compensation you deserve.

    How do I know if I’ve been a victim of Misfeasance in Office?

    There are many different examples of misfeasance in office:
    • A police officer being dismissive towards you.
    • A police officer being violent or aggressive towards you.
    • A police officer making unwanted sexual advances towards you.
    This list is by no means exhaustive. To speak with one of our experts about your next steps, contact us today.
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