• Making a Complaint Against the Police

    Police officers have to follow a specific Code of Conduct with a set of rules. If you feel an officer has broken these rules, you have every right to make a complaint.

    There are two different routes when it comes to making a complaint against the police. They are:

    – ‘Informal resolution’ (less serious, no disciplinary action)

    ‘Full investigation’ (more serious, an investigation is carried out by the Professional Standards Department and could result in disciplinary action) and are both dependent on the seriousness of the complaint.

    A complaint and claim are two separate things. Complaints can only result in a disciplinary action, whereas a claim seeks monetary compensation. Our solicitors will advise you on the best action to take as lodging a complaint could delay any civil claim you might wish to pursue. Complete the form and we will get back to you or call us for free from a landline or mobile on 0800 027 78 70.