• Human Rights Act Claims

    What is the Human Rights Act? - The Human Rights Act 1998 came into force in the UK in 2000. The Act was set up to help protect individuals’ freedoms and fundamental rights. What are Human Rights Act Claims? A Human Rights Act claim is a claim against a public authority, such as the police, that has breached your Human Rights. A violation of your Human Rights could include many things, but some of the more common examples are:
    • If the police were to unlawfully detain you or hold you in custody for longer than they are legally allowed, they would be violating your right to freedom.
    • If you are stopped and searched by a police office who does not have a valid reason to suspect you of any wrong doing, or they enter your home without a warrant, your right to privacy has been violated.
    • If you are part of a peaceful protest that has been detained or attacked by police officers, the officers have violated your right to freedom of speech.
    • if you are wrongly interrogated in a particularly brutal way, it may be possible to claim that the police have violated your right to not be tortured.
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